Java Game

A simple Java game where you have to catch fish falling from the sky to fill your belly.

Java AI Chat Bot

The goal behind this project was to create an interactive chat bot. However, I wanted to explore more about binding a character to the responses the chat bot would have. The framework of how this chat bot responds is based on the ELIZA chat bot. So each statement the user makes to the AI gets scanned for keywords and weighs each keyword against each other to pick the best response for the user’s statement. I created the artwork in Photoshop and then rigged the character in Live2D with a deform mesh and animated simple motions. The character was given an Idle animation and a Stretch animation to break up the standard pose of the character between human input. There were 3 random chat animations used and extra animations that triggered based on punctuation of the users input. (., !, ?)

Unity Game 2D

This is a 2D game that is being created as a personal project to gain an understanding of how Unity3D works. The character sprites were created and animated in Adobe Photoshop and then placed on a sprite sheet to be imported into Unity3D. The background was painted in Clip Studio Paint and then loaded into Unity3D. I chose to start learning C# during this project so everything is written in C# in MonoDevelop. The AI’s code was written from scratch has a range trigger that keeps it from pursuing the player unless the player enters the AI’s active range. The waterfall, bullets and characters particles were created using the Unity particle system.

Max MSP Projects

First project is a five finger drum machine programmed with Cycling74’s MaxMSP a visual programming language. The samples are from Mad Zax’s Sound Packs. You can trigger the samples with a key press or click the “auto” button and then control it with a bpm dial. A key press will disable the sample from auto back to manual so you can take over at any time.

Second project is an audio visualizer, and attempted to sample a video for colors and then play audio samples based on if that color was present in the video. You can adjust the frequency of each beat allowed to play by ether choosing a column of the video or changing the dial next to the sample to slow the fire rate of each sample.